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Author: Kasey Owens

Firewood Safety Fact Sheet

Don’t cut firewood alone. If two heads are better than one, then two sets of hands are definitely better when dealing with chopping firewood. It

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Beware the Emerald Ash Borer…

Nature works hard to protect itself. Trees have natural defense systems to protect themselves from disease or insect damage. Sometimes though, a species of insects is

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Preparing for Winter

As fall draws near, make sure you are preparing your landscape for the winter! Below is a list of what you should do to get

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Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of Summer stretch from about July 3 to August 11. These days were named in early times by observers in countries bordering the Mediterranean, and the period lasted during

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Double and Single Ground Mulch

It’s Mulch Time!

Laying mulch is one of the best practices to preserve the look and health of your trees. It provides a beautiful, neat ground cover and

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