Category: Insect Problems

Obscure Scale
Description: Obscure scale is a key pest of oak but will also attack a wide variety of other trees such… read more
Orange Striped Oak Worm
Description: Orange striped oakworms are most often recognized in the caterpillar stage because of their defoliation of oak trees. They… read more
Southern Pine Beetle
Description: The Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) is a native insect and a natural part of the Southeastern forest. It is… read more
Spider Mites
Description: Spider mites are not insects but are more closely related to spiders. They have four pairs of legs, no… read more
Wax Scales
Description: Scale insects are commonly mistaken for something other than an insect. They are small, immobile and are covered in… read more
Japanese Beetles
Description: The adult Japanese beetle is broadly oval and nearly ½ inch long. The body is a bright metallic green… read more
Euonymus Scale
Euonymus scale most often affects euonymus, camellia, boxwood, bittersweet, daphne, Eugenia, English ivy, hibiscus, holly jasmine, privet, honeysuckle, olive and… read more
Fall Cankerworm
Cankerworms are caterpillars when in their immature phase and develop into moths as adults. They are common native pests to… read more
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Description: The hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is a small (1/32 inch), reddish purple, aphid-like insect that covers itself with a… read more

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