Category: Insect Problems

Dusky Birch Sawfly
Description: Sawfly larvae are often mistaken for caterpillars. However, sawflies are different in their habits and how they must be… read more
Boxwood Leafminer
Description: Boxwood leafminer is the most serious insect pest that attacks boxwood. A beautiful row of boxwoods can suddenly turn… read more
Description: The immature, or larval stage of insects, particularly beetles and moths, that feed on wood rather than leaves or… read more
Insect Related Problems – Bagworm
Description: The common bagworm is one of the more curious and interesting caterpillars. They are most commonly observed in the… read more
Insect Related Problems – Aphids
Description: Aphids are commonly referred to as ‘plant lice’. The have soft pear-shaped bodies that are normally less than 1/8… read more
Over wintering Insects: how Mite we tip the Scales in your favor?
Now is the time to apply dormant oil to your trees & shrubs. Dormant oil is an organic, safe and… read more
Why are my Maple Tree leaves getting smaller?
As we, the Arborists at Schneider Tree Care, are out on your properties day after day we often see patterns… read more

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