Keeping your landscape beautiful is a priority. Whether you have clients, employees, or potential partners onsite, first impressions can make a big difference.

Healthy trees and shrubs can help make the first impression of your property vibrant and memorable. At Schneider, we have the tree experts who know what it takes to keep the plants on your landscape looking and feeling great. Our arborists are also aware of potential stressors to the trees and shrubs on your property, one of them being insects.

There are many different insects that show up at varying times of the year and tend to feed on a wide variety of trees and shrubs. If given the chance, insects will target plants that are already under stress and are unhealthy; once they’ve picked their host, they’ll set up shop and create an infestation. An insect infestation will not only feed on the host plant, but will move on to affect other trees and shrubs in the landscape as well.

We always recommend the first step be making sure all the plants in your landscape are healthy and well-nourished. Less stress will lower the likelihood of insect infestation and harm. Our certified arborists and qualified technicians are also aware how important it is to know exactly what we’re treating and when it is best to administer treatment applications. We’re constantly studying and learning which applications are most effective at which times and for which insects.

Getting control over these insects is just one way Schneider can help you keep your landscape beautiful. Our arborists can provide full programs to get control while keeping your plants healthy, and our technicians make sure to treat appropriately and evaluate on site, so you know you’re getting the best care for your trees and shrubs.

Let us help you make that first impression at your location one to remember.