Your property is a fiercely competitive place.

Even if you regularly have your landscape area fertilized, your trees and shrubs might still be starving!

To effectively feed your trees and shrubs, the fertilizer needs to be in liquid form and injected below competing root systems. It’s also important to inject fertilizer in the right areas. The newer, active roots are out and away from the trunk in what’s called the drip zone. That’s where the nutrients should be injected into the soil. Once injected properly, the trees and shrubs on your property will receive all the nutrients they need to thrive. Thriving plants are beautiful plants; keep your landscape beautiful by taking care of your trees and shrubs!

Here at Schneider Tree Care, we have fertilization programs to encourage healthy, balanced growth for all your trees and shrubs. We are experts when it comes to beneficial nutrients and fungi that your plants need, as well as tree growth regulator applications which will help keep your trees and shrubs at a maintainable growth level. Both of them help make exceptionally healthy trees, and they are often incorporated into a complete plant health care program.

Certain special types of fungi have a unique, mutually beneficial relationship with trees and shrubs. In exchange for a little sugar from the tree, the fungi will grab lots of nutrients and water from the soil for their partner tree. If beneficial fungi are lacking, we can help! Our technicians have the tools and knowledge to make sure your trees and shrubs are getting all the right nutrients. Also, our tree growth regulator application gently slows the growth of trees, and it’s been proven to improve their health as well. When the upward growth is slowed, the tree can devote more of its energy into making defensive chemicals, boost its root production, and store more food. That means you’ll enjoy richer, greener leaves, less insect damage, and better drought tolerance. 

If that sounds like a win-win, why not call for a consultation today!