How do you manage a large property with an unknown number of trees?

How many trees need to be removed because they are hazardous? How many trees just need some basic health care treatments?

Our tree inventory services are an efficient way to answer these questions. Typically, this is how a tree inventory will proceed: one or two of our consulting arborists will visit your property. Based on your specific needs, they will then count and mark the trees, as well as taking detailed notes including the location, health, and future options for health care. Once the inventory is complete, a report will be submitted to your sales arborist for review. The sales arborist can then advise a plan of action consisting of pruning and health care programs based on your budget. While the inventory will be managed by us at Schneider Tree Care, you will also have access in order to see what is happening on your property.

Whether you need a pre-construction inventory, in which we can locate all the trees on the proposed building site and pass that information along to the project managers and architects, or a full inventory which includes GPS locating the trees on site with a specialized app and giving each one a number for future reference, our tree inventory services are able to aid in providing the results you need. Your inventory should be updated every five years; this will include another visit from our arborists to reevaluate the trees and update your programs as necessary.

In the long run, is a tree inventory even worth doing? We say yes! A tree inventory provides knowledge that can help site managers use their budget in the most economically efficient ways for their companies. Your arborist will recommend a program based on the needs of the trees at your location. Here is a little overview of our Health Care Programs:


Tree Inventory Management Plans


The Good Program is for trees that are already healthy but need to be maintained and inspected. This program includes three visits per year.


The Better Program is most beneficial for trees that are doing moderately well, but still need extra attention. This program includes four or five visits to your property, depending on your arborist’s assessment.


The Best Program is for a site with trees under stress or struggling. This program can be tailored to your site to include up to twelve visits per year.

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