Safe Tree Pruning Does Not Start at the Top

Topping trees is a major threat to the urban forest and eventually destroys beautiful and valuable resources.

We think there is a serious misconception about “topping” trees on site; topping them will not keep your trees smaller. It will actually cost you a lot more over time, and the stress and injury of this procedure will often kill the tree! Professional tree pruning and growth regulator applications will keep your trees robust, beautiful, and reasonably sized. Schneider Tree Care has the trained and certified professionals to provide sound and affordable alternative to tree topping. Whether you’re dealing with overhanging trees in parking lots, walkways, or buildings, these are all considered safety hazards and will need to be pruned. Your arborist is trained to spot potential dangers.

Did you know that professional tree pruning enhances the natural beauty of your trees, improves their health and structure, and reduces the chance of storm or wind damage.

Tree pruning and trimming is beneficial in multiple ways. Removing deadwood or diseased branches will improve overall tree health, as well as improving safety for frequently populated areas.

We want to make sure the trees at your location stay beautiful and healthy; however, we also aim to make safety a priority. Regularly pruned trees will consistently be more sturdy and strong, able to better withstand the elements and attacks from insects or diseases. We want to help make sure your property remains safe for clients, visitors, employees, and guests of any kind; scheduling a meeting with one of our qualified arborists is the first step in making sure the plants on your property are well-take care of.


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