Lightning can be scary;

We’ve all experienced that uneasy feeling of not knowing what might happen during a big thunderstorm.

Accompanied by heavy rain and high winds, lightning can cause some serious damage. Have you ever seen a tree that’s been struck by lightning?

Trees, because they are typically the tallest point in an area, are natural lightning rods. And since trees have different compositions, the effect lightning strikes can have varies. Some trees splinter or shatter on impact. Some are scarred by a strip of blown-away bark. Other trees seemingly have no damage at all but will die a few weeks or months later, most likely because of unseen damage in the root zone. Nevertheless, if lightning strikes your tree and an explosion of bark takes place, a huge mess may be left behind on your property, not to mention a severely stressed tree! We know that stressed trees have weaker defenses and are more susceptible to other harmful insects and diseases.

So what can you do to help prevent lightning damage from happening to the trees on your property? We can help there. We offer a lightning protection system that we can install. A series of copper cables can be strategically attached to the high branches of a tree and then grounded a safe distance away. If lightning happens to strike the tree, the current will flow down those cables and safely to the ground. That sounds a lot better than having the trees at your location blown apart or even mildly damaged!

The best way to discern if a lightning protection system is right for the trees on your property is to consult one of our certified arborists. We have the experts that are dedicated to keeping your trees healthy and standing strong.

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