Trees in the urban environment undergo a multitude of different stresses, from soil compaction to a number of diseases. One of these stressors is insects.

Certain insects have specific plants they like to infest and feed on; some insects don’t have a host plant and will feed on everything in a landscape! A lot of times, trees and shrubs that are already stressed will attract an insect infestation, which causes even more stress on the plant. Stressed plants will physically look more unhealthy and may detract from the value and beauty of your property overall. Not to mention, it’s expensive to replace multiple plants because of an infestation!

Many insects can be controlled by a few broad spectrum insecticides. However, the main issue with applying these kinds of treatments is that beneficial insects on your property– such as Praying Mantids or Honey Bees– will be harmed in the process. At Schneider Tree Care, our main goal is control, not eradication. Complete eradication of an insect in a landscape is both very expensive and very harmful to the environment. Control is the method we use to help keep levels of harmful insects at manageable thresholds. We use Integrated Pest Managements to determine if there are any other methods of control we can use before we apply insecticides. Identifying insects is crucial to choosing the right product for the application, as well as application method. For example, some applications will be a targeted spray to the undersides of the leaves of a plant, which some other applications will be a soil injection at the base of the tree.

Controlling insects on your property is another tool that we can use to help keep your landscape looking beautiful. Controlling insects, however, must be done in a targeted and efficient way so that damage done to the environment is kept to a minimum. We are always looking for and testing new products that we can use that will be a more responsible choice.

We are on the cutting edge of product technology and putting that knowledge to use on your landscape in a responsible environmentally friendly way.