You want to keep the trees and shrubs on your property thriving, and we can help. Trees require certain nutrients to live healthy lives; when one or more of these nutrients are absent or lacking in the soil, the tree will not be able to reach its full landscape potential. They will be more susceptible to disease and insect problems and will have a shorter life than similar, well-fertilized trees and shrubs.

Trees in urban and suburban environments are often under higher levels of stress due to issues like:

  • low moisture availability
  • soil compaction
  • physical damage
  • nearby construction
  • competition from turf, as well as nearby trees and shrubs

Fertilization applications may reduce, but cannot fully eliminate, environmental stresses such as these. Trees by design are meant to live in forested areas, so our urban setting can be difficult for them; your yard is a fiercely competitive place. Even if you regularly put down granular fertilizer for your lawn, your trees and shrubs might be starving! In natural wooded areas, trees have nutrients readily available. Leaves that fall to the forest floor will decompose and sink into the soil, which will serve as “food” for a tree’s root system and will then serve the entire plant. It is important to keep newly planted trees watered and pruned, as well as keeping weeds away from their bases to avoid excess stress.

The root system of your trees (and shrubs) is well below the root system of your lawn; when you apply a bag of fertilizer, all those nutrients are snapped up in the first few inches of topsoil by your lawn. That’s great news for your lawn, but not so great for your trees! Again, a yard surrounded by lawn is not the natural setting for a tree. Entire lawns can be replaced in just a few weeks. However, mature trees, which are meant to be 100-year plants, can take decades to replace!

Let us help you make sure your trees are taken care of and well fed. Give us a call today!