What kind of trees are on your property?

What kind of hazards may be present on your property that you need to be aware of?

Are you planning to build on a forested site?

A tree inventory will answer all these questions for you! At Schneider Tree Care, we provide inventory services carried out by certified consulting arborists. A pre-construction inventory would be beneficial if you’re planning to build on a forested lot, especially if you’re aiming to be environmentally responsible with the footprint of your house. Did you know health care and tree protection programs are essential to keeping trees healthy throughout the stress of new construction?

A full inventory could be done on a property with already well-established trees. During a tree inventory, a certified arborist will visit your property with specialized tagging equipment and a cloud-based GPS location app that will allow us to pinpoint your trees. The arborist will GPS locate the tree and assign it a “name” by tagging it with our numbered tags. The arborist will then notate features of how and where the tree is planted, as well as current health characteristics. The tag number on the tree can then be used to reference that specific tree in the future by either you or your arborist.

The information gathered during the inventory process will help your sales arborist develop a plan for your property. An inventory-based plan will help you and your arborist use your budget in the most effective and safe way based on the needs of your property.

Your arborist will then discuss one of our Good, Better, or Best Health Care Programs for the trees on your property and their needs. For example, trees with high amounts of stress may need more care, which would fall under the Best Health Care Program

. Trees that are currently in good shape still need to be regularly maintained; they may benefit most under our Good Program, which includes three visits to your property throughout the year to help monitor the overall health of your trees.


Tree Inventory Management Plans


The Good Program is for trees that are already healthy but need to be maintained and inspected. This program includes three visits per year.


The Better Program is most beneficial for trees that are doing moderately well, but still need extra attention. This program includes four or five visits to your property, depending on your arborist’s assessment.


The Best Program is for a site with trees under stress or struggling. This program can be tailored to your site to include up to twelve visits per year.

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