The urban environment is constantly changing.

When houses are built or remodeled the environment for trees changes.

Trees undergo lots of stress during the construction phase and sometimes those stresses can’t be seen for up to 10 years after the fact. Often times when these stresses occur the damage is irreversible. Whether it be damage done to the tree above ground by a piece of equipment running into the tree or root loss due to excavation the tree is affected in a negative way.

At Schneider Tree Care we provide Tree Preservation for your trees you want to save. This service is a comprehensive service that will begin in the pre-construction phase and see your trees through to the end and beyond.

The first step in Tree Preservation is to literally put up a fence around the tree. We need to be able to save as much of the root zone as possible. We also don’t want equipment and materials placed under the canopy of the tree, this creates compaction in the critical root zone. The next step is a Health Care plan for the tree. Stimulating the root zone with nutrients and beneficial fungi, borer sprays to prevent ambrosia beetle, and growth regulator to promote root growth and slow the canopy growth. The last step in Tree Preservation is to monitor. A Certified Arborist will be assigned to the property to evaluate the trees during the construction process. Inspection of the fence as well as communication with the people involved with the construction will be an important factor in making sure your trees stay protected throughout the process.

You want your trees to last as long as possible and so do we. Tree Preservation is the best way to ensure your trees get the best chance of survival throughout the construction process and beyond.