Hazard reduction. Investment protection.

They way your landscape looks plays a big part in leaving first impressions, creating a mindset, or presenting a company culture.

We want to make sure your space represents everything you want it to.

Not only do we want your landscape to look beautiful; we also want it to be healthy and safe. We believe in preventative maintenance: doing everything we can to keep trees and shrubs sturdy and strong long before any severe weather, pesky insects, or harmful diseases can strike. The healthier your plants are, the more full and colorful they will be. Have many different kinds of plants on your property? No problem! Our certified arborists are the tree experts; they’ll know just what to do to keep the trees and shrubs at your property thriving.

Our qualified Tree and Shrub Care technicians are all about courtesy and communication. It’s our aim to be accurate and efficient, both in diagnosis and treatment.

Whether you need a hazard evaluation, tree inventory, tree pruning, or some insect and disease control applications, we’ve got the experts that can provide advice and explanations, as well as producing results all while reinforcing a culture of safety.

Protect the investment you’ve made in your landscape; make sure passersby see that you care about what you do and that you value the people you work with and for. See to it that the public knows you value professionalism; we would love to partner with you on this endeavor! We at Schneider Tree Care want to see you proudly show off your well-taken-care-of property, and we are confident that we can help get you there. We provide professional, personalized service to ensure your landscape looks as valuable as it really is. Our team is ready to make your property beautiful, safe, and healthy; you can always count on us for the best tree and shrub care.

Call us today for a consultation with a Schneider Tree Care professional who can provide answers to all your tree-related questions.