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Dogwoods Beware!
Have you noticed spots and blotches of varying shapes and sizes appearing on your Dogwoods? If so, your Dogwoods could… read more
“The Tree Just Died Over Night…”
This is the comment we typically get after insects bore into the trunk of a mature tree or even a… read more
An Underground World…
There is a world beneath our feet, budding with life we rarely even think about or consider.  For our plants,… read more
What’s Hanging In Your Tree??
Now that Japanese Beetles are on the way out, Bagworms are already in!  A Bagworm is just as it sounds;… read more
Planting Depth
One of the most common mistakes inexperienced gardeners make is failing to recognize the importance of proper planting depth. They… read more
The yellow-bellied sapsucker is a type of woodpecker that primarily feeds on sap but also eats the insects attracted to… read more
Cold Hardy Palms
Can I plant a palm tree here? Yes, you can! There are several palms that will survive and thrive in… read more
Palms belong to the monocot family, along with grasses, orchids, and bromeliads. Palms are not capable of secondary growth and… read more
Description: Mistletoe is a PARASITIC plant that grows as a hanging bush on the branches of trees. It will grow… read more

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