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3 Things Soil Aeration Can Do for Your Trees and Shrubs
Lawn aeration is often marketed as a lawn care service that’s specifically for your grass. Aeration tools poke holes in… read more
Fall Webworms
If you’ve taken a walk around your neighborhood recently, you may have seen some “spiderwebs” on the branches of the… read more
Trimming and Pruning Your Trees
Having healthy trees on your property is more than just a matter of aesthetics. A tree can often live for… read more
The Demise of the Boxwood
First, it was Boxwood Dieback, then Boxwood Decline, then Boxwood Mites, Winter Burn, Nematodes, and finally Boxwood Blight. This time… read more
3 Tips for Bringing Shrubs Back to Life After a Long Winter
After a long winter, you may be thinking of what you can do to improve your landscaping and make the… read more
Can You Trim Palm Trees?
While palms don’t do well in more northern states, in the southern United States which have the climate to support… read more
3 Basic Steps to Care for Your Decorative Shrubs
Decorative shrubs add a nice look to your landscape all year long. If you want to improve the look of… read more
The Art of Espalier Pruning
Espalier is one of the most artistic types of pruning. This pruning method encourages a tree or shrub to grow… read more
Neighborhood Arborist Near Me
Developing a beautiful yard takes a bit of money and even more time as we wait for trees and shrubs… read more

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