Over wintering Insects: how Mite we tip the Scales in your favor?

Now is the time to apply dormant oil to your trees & shrubs.

Dormant oil is an organic, safe and effective way to protect various trees and shrubs from insects and fungal diseases. The oil suffocates over wintering pests (aphids, mites, scale, and many other insects)to reduce your bug population.

Dormant oil is applied when the leaves have fallen and many trees and shrubs are in their dormant state. Temperature is also a factor when applying dormant oil. For plants that do not drop their leaves over winter, the oil must be applied in mild temperature so that the leaves are not burned by the heat.

Overwintering insects can be hard to see and many times go unnoticed until they suck the life out of the stems, twigs and leaves of the plants. It takes a trained eye to notice since they are smart and usually go for trees and shrubs that may already be sick or unhealthy. Trees and shrubs on an annual care program are more resistant to the insect populations that can do them the most harm.

Left untouched, these insects can cause severe dieback, mutilation, and even death. Dormant oil is one of many preventative methods that can end up saving you money on your trees long term. After all, how much would it cost to remove and replace the same tree killed by these insects?

Don’t leave it to chance, have your trees and shrubs inspected by your personal certified and knowledgeable arborist from Schneider Tree Care today.