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Tree Service based on care and a set of core values ensuring our customers the most professional and personalized Shrub and Tree Care Service in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Do the Right Thing

Most people, have an understanding of right and wrong. And, ... read more

Fanatical Client Service

I chose the word ‘fanatical’ because is was a big ... read more

Culture of Safety

In a tree care company, safety is a big deal. ... read more

Pursuit of Excellence

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Team First

At Schneider Tree, we ARE our brother’s keeper and we ... read more


3 Reasons Why You Need to Protect Your Trees from Overcrowding

There’s nothing like having trees on your property. A mature giant can frame your front yard perfectly and give your home extra shade. Trees across the property can provide nuts, fruit, and extra curb appeal across the seasons. But sometimes you can have too many trees, and that can start… read more