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Your Trees, Our Passion.

We understand that property managers need to take care of so many things. Among them are your trees and shrubs, which need special attention to

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Spring flowers in bloom

Spring Fever

Springtime is getting closer; the weather is gradually getting warmer and each day stretches a little longer than the last. With these changes comes the

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How Water Affects Our Plants

Rain, Rain, Go Away?

How Water Affects Our Plants Rain, Rain, Go Away? How Water Affects Our Plants About seventy percent of the Earth’s surface is covered in water.

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gum ball fruit inhibitor

Fruit Inhibitors

What exactly is a Fruit Inhibitor, and what does it do? We know that many trees produce fruits that may stink, fall, and cause damage

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Tree University logo in Red

Summer Drought

If you haven’t noticed, it’s hot outside. This heat is affecting more than just you and I; your trees and shrubs feel it too! Trees

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Fall Webworm close up

Fall Webworms

If you’ve taken a walk around your neighborhood recently, you may have seen some “spiderwebs” on the branches of the trees. Don’t be fooled; those

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boxwood shrubs

The Demise of the Boxwood

First, it was Boxwood Dieback, then Boxwood Decline, then Boxwood Mites, Winter Burn, Nematodes, and finally Boxwood Blight. This time it’s for real! Boxwood Blight is an extremely dangerous disease that will kill and spread to

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