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“Pursuit of Excellence” Is Our Way of Life at Schneider Tree Care

Picture of an "Excellence" sign on the side of a road.

Excellence is not a destination; rather a continuous journey that never ends. That’s why at Schneider Tree Care, we are always seeking to be greater than we are today. “Pursuit of Excellence” is one of our core values.

Remaining steadfast in the pursuit of excellence is our mantra. We believe that pursuing excellence helps us to provide outstanding service to our clients, exceeding expectations over and over again. With continuous elevation of our services built into our core values, we’ve grown from a small business run by two brothers to a team of 80 employees in four locations across North and South Carolina. We are still growing and  so is our passion for excellence!

Schneider Tree Care is committed to caring for tree and shrub health and enhancing property value and safety. Contact us to make an appointment with our certified arborists.

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