What The “HAIL” Is Going On With My Plants?

tree limb showing damage from a hail storm

Welcome to April! We’re only a few days into the month and already being hit with some serious storms. Even though it has gotten warmer, many trees are still suffering from some of the colder temperature fluctuations that we’ve had the first few months of this year. So, this month we’re addressing two types of damage that you will see affecting your trees: frost damage and hail damage.

Frost and Cold Damage

If you read our last blog post, we talked about Frost Damage and how it will affect the plants on your property, but you may not see the effects for a long time. Wilted leaves, bark splitting, scorched edges, and turning brown are some early signs that your tree is suffering from cold damage. You’ll want to be on the lookout for some of these symptoms.

Hail Damage

In the midst of all the storms we’re getting, an unexpected guest has shown up . . . HAIL. Along with causing damage to cars and homes, hail can also cause serious harm to the plants on your property. Hail can tear leaves and branches, leaving “scars” that take a long time to heal and leave the plant more susceptible to attack from various kinds of dangerous insects and diseases. We want our house to be protected from hail storms; your plants want protection too.

The trees at your home or business need your help in order to stay healthy and strong. Call today to schedule a consultation with one of our certified arborists and let us help you care for your trees, shrubs, and plants as they recover from any stress or damage caused by frost or hail.