An Underground World…

There is a world beneath our feet, budding with life we rarely even think about or consider.  For our plants, this underground world is as important, if not more so, than the world above ground.

The soil in our urban environments is often at a troubling tipping point. Trees and shrubs in the forest have the benefit of an uninterrupted decomposition process.  Leaves, wood, rock and even animals decay and add vital nutrients and minerals to the soil.  Trees and shrubs require this compost to carry out their essential life functions.  Trees in the urban forest do not get these vital nutrients.  We mow our lawns and bag the clippings, blow leaves, and keep a tidy landscape to enjoy.  Removal of our native soil during construction, bagging leaves and grass clippings and other potential decay materials, means we are removing the future minerals and nutrients our trees need to live.  Just like us, proper nutrition is an essential part of overall health.

The good news is we can help your trees and shrubs.  At Schneider Tree Care we have specially formulated an all-natural liquid fertilizer, delivered straight to the roots of your shrubs and trees, that is a supplement for our urban landscapes.  Our soil therapy provides your trees and shrubs with what they will need to stay vibrant, healthy, and appealing.  This isn’t your traditional fertilizer, it’s a multi-vitamin investment for your outdoor dream space.