What’s Hanging In Your Tree??

Now that Japanese Beetles are on the way out, Bagworms are already in!  A Bagworm is just as it sounds; a worm inside a bag.  The newly hatched caterpillar starts out small but goes out with a bang.  Mature larvae can reach from 1 to 2 inches inside their bags.  Once fully enclosed inside the bag, they can have up to 1000 eggs to devastate the tree for the next year.

How do you know if you have Bagworms?

If you have Leyland Cypress there is a good chance you have Bagworms.  Take a look at the needles and see if anything is moving around.  If you see a bag that looks like the needles from your tree, then you have a Bagworm.  These caterpillars use the needles not only for food, but also to enclose and camouflage themselves.  Once the caterpillar is fully grown and has closed the top of the bag, they are hard to control.

The best method of control is to hand pick and manually destroy the bags.  If you have tall Leyland Cypress and are unable to reach, or your just don’t want to touch them, then a spray may be needed to control them.

Keep in mind that bagworms can nest in a variety of places.  Below, you see them in shrubs and on the side of a garage door!