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Neighborhood Arborist Near Me

Developing a beautiful yard takes a bit of money and even more time as we wait for trees and shrubs to grow and mature. Some yardwork can be pretty dangerous, too, like in the removal of a large tree. A little knowledge and experience can be the difference between a gorgeous landscape or a disaster. Avoid all the guesswork and stress and leave it to the tree service experts at Schnieder Tree Care!

Choose From a Variety of Residential and Commercial Tree Care Services, including:

  • Tree Diagnosis – identifying potential diseases or pests bothering your tree
  • Tree Hazard Assessments – determining if or how a tree should be removed for safety reasons
  • Soil Conditioning – improving the nutrition and mechanics of your soil for healthier trees and shrubs
  • Safety Pruning – shaping trees and shrubs with the right equipment and technique to remove potential hazards
  • Emergency Tree Removal – fast, reliable service when you need it most
  • Tree Fertilization – providing specific nutritional needs for your type of tree
  • Lightning Protection – professional assessment, pruning, and removal to deter lightning strikes
  • Customized Care Plans – decide exactly what care program works for your plants and your budget
  • Commercial Tree Inventory – in a large plot of trees, we can help identify which plants need to be removed and which ones need a little TLC under a plan of your choice
  • Exceptional Cleanup – no leftover work for you when we leave

You Can Count on Us

We are a locally-owned business that takes pride in our jobs by guiding our customer service and business dealings with firm core values.  Schneider Tree Care is now servicing many areas of North Carolina and South Carolina including Greenville, N Charleston, and Charlotte. Contact us for further information, to request a free estimate, or to schedule a neighborhood arborist near you.

Neighborhood Arborist Near Me

Choose From a Variety of Residential and Commercial Tree Care Services, including:

You Can Count on Us

Tree Diagnosis

Tree Hazard Assessments

Soil Conditioning

Safety Pruning

Emergency Tree Removal

Tree Fertilization

Lightning Protection

Customized Care Plans

Commercial Tree Inventory

Exceptional Cleanup

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