Pick the Right Trees for Your Parking Lot Medians

large commercial parking lot with many trees

Parking lot medians are the perfect space to introduce more landscaping beauty and appeal. Shoppers are attracted to green, well-maintained spaces. Trees can provide the perfect complement without a lot of work or continual monitoring. However, it’s crucial to pick the right trees for your parking lot so you can strike the right balance of beauty, efficiency, and safety.

Slow-growing trees that have both slow root systems and slowly growing branches and foliage are a good choice, as well as trees that don’t flower. There are several reasons why this is true.

1. Thick, fast-growing branches obscure drivers’ vision, especially near pedestrian paths.

The last thing you want in front of your store is an unsafe parking lot. If you have hedges or trees near the pedestrian zones, they need to be kept trimmed back, so shoppers stay safe and you reduce your company’s liability. The best option is to find slow growers that you can easily control.

2. Roots can displace sidewalk slabs and crack the road.

Fast growing root systems can be just as disruptive. Those roots will dig under the concrete to drink up all the water they can find. If your store is on top of soil that expands and contracts to hold a lot of water, trees can drink so much water that the slabs are knocked askew. Install root guards and find trees with nonintrusive roots, so your parking lot stays in good shape.

3. Flowering trees or trees that drop a lot of leaves require constant cleanup.

Flowering trees or trees with color-changing leaves are beautiful. But that stops the second those flowers and leaves start to pile up on the ground. They can cover sidewalks, clog your drainage system, and leave stains on the surrounding concrete surfaces. Instead, look for evergreens or other trees with lower levels of debris throughout the seasons.

Feel free to contact one of our professional arborists for help with your commercial tree care and landscaping needs.