How an Arborist Can Protect Your Trees from Lightning Damage

several lightning bolts striking a dense wood with lots of trees

When the weather is warm there is always a chance for thunderstorms. If you have a valuable or beloved tree on your property, you may find yourself holding your breath each time you see a lightning flash. Rather than worry about danger striking your tree, you should consult an arborist about a lightning protection system for your trees. Not only is this a good investment in your landscaping, but it will help you have peace of mind during thunderstorms.

How Lightning Destroys Trees

The reason that lightning is so damaging to trees is not only because of their height but also the fact that the water in the trees is a good conductor of electricity. Lightning strikes on trees can be dramatic, dangerous, and frightening. Electricity can run down the length of the tree underneath the bark, shattering the bark and sending splinters flying. There is also a risk of fire from falling trees or limbs.

A sudden lightning strike can kill a tree or damage it beyond repair. This means that the homeowner may have an unexpected expense for removal, cleanup, and property repair. However, a proper lightning protection system can prevent many of these problems.

How an Arborist Can Help

To best protect your trees, consult an arborist. Someone who specializes in local trees will know just how they are affected by their microclimate. An arborist can also recommend the best and safest way to install the system. Typically the arborist will use cables that run from the tree to the ground, creating a conductor that safely draws lightning away from the tree. This does not stop lightning from striking but redirects it to prevent severe damage.

At Schneider Tree Care, we are prepared to help you assess the needs of the trees on your property and recommend the best way to care for them. We offer both residential and commercial tree and shrub services such as fertilization, tree removal, and emergency storm response. Please see our website for more details about our tree cabling and bracing services and how you can schedule an arborist.