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Need mulch? We’ve got you covered! At Schneider, we’re here to offer delivery for Wood Chips and Double Ground mulch for any project at your home or business. 

We have Wood Chips for $12.00 per yard and Double Ground for $22.00 per yard plus delivery fees (see FAQ section below). Need help determining how mulch you need? Give our Mulch Calculator a try! 

Our mulch is never dyed, all natural. Give our office a call to set up your mulch order!

Frequently Asked Questions

Our mulch is not dyed; it’s all-natural bark hardwood mulch that will lighten up over time. No dyes or chemicals added to it! We grind all the wood onsite, so we know what’s in our mulch!  

Our minimum for delivery is 10 yards. Our delivery fees are based on how far away the delivery site is from our Corporate Office location, so give us a call to get more information! 

Our first recommendation is to avoid volcano mulching! Aim for a 2-4 inch thick layer starting about 6 inches out from the base of the tree extending out to the canopy drip zone.


Delivery Fee

Distance Away


within 3 miles


4-9 miles


10-18 miles


19-25 miles

How Much Do I Need?

Use the following calculator to figure out how much mulch is needed to cover a given area. Most landscapers recommend a thickness of 2-4 inches.