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Tree Trimming & Pruning

While we do remove hazardous trees, one of our main priorities as a company is saving trees and keeping them healthy; pruning is one option our clients have to promoting tree health and safety at their homes and businesses!

We are committed to using proper pruning types in order to keep the tree as healthy as possible during the trimming process. There are several different types of pruning, such as Crown Restoration, Crown Cleaning, Crown Reduction, and even decorative styles of pruning like Espalier. Whether you’re looking to trim out dead limbs, promote visibility throughout the canopy, or prune to a certain shape or design, Schneider can help get your job done right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mainly, anytime is the right time! However, different species of trees may require specific pruning times in order to yield the most beneficial results, so make sure to check with your Arborist! 

Pruning can be harmful to a tree if it is done incorrectly. Following proper pruning types is important, so make sure to hire a professional! 

Yes! Our experienced crew members include trained Climbers, so if equipment or vehicle access is limited, we’ve still got the ability and knowledge to get your job done correctly and safely! 

How Much Does It Cost?

There are many variables which can influence the cost of tree pruning. We offer a free consultation with a certified arborist to give you the best price on the service depending on your unique needs. The arborist will evaluate these things and more: