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Insect Related Problems – Aphids
Description: Aphids are commonly referred to as ‘plant lice’. The have soft pear-shaped bodies that are normally less than 1/8… read more
Over wintering Insects: how Mite we tip the Scales in your favor?
Now is the time to apply dormant oil to your trees & shrubs. Dormant oil is an organic, safe and… read more
Cold Damage to your Shrubs
This winter we have experienced temperatures in the single digits that have caused cold injury to plants.  You may have… read more
Are Your Cherry Trees ‘Bare’?
As I drove around the beautiful streets of Greenville one day, I couldn’t help but enjoy the old specimen trees… read more
Don’t Water your Tree Trunks
Many of you may have sprinklers or an irrigation system to insure your grass, flowers, and shrubs are getting the… read more
Crepe Murder
Crepe Myrtle’s are a beautiful tree or shrub (depending on their size) that faithfully flowers through the heat of summer.… read more
DIY Tree Pruning
I have always admired the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) mentality. You know the type, hears a noise in his car and crawls… read more
Your Trees have Value
The trees in you landscape have a monetary value, like your house or your car.  Neglect them and they lose… read more
Vista Pruning for a View (if Monet could climb trees)
Pruning for a view or “vista pruning” is often misunderstood by our clients.  I believe it is over simplified to… read more

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