Why Should You Have Your Tree Inspected?

certified arborist doing an annual tree inspection

We’re still in the first month of the new year, so it’s not too late to start developing some good habits! We encourage you to think about making a Tree Inspection a regular part of your routine tree service, and here are some reasons why:

Major Weather Events

Extreme changes in the weather can cause extra stress to the trees on your property. After a thunderstorm, high winds, snow or ice you should make a point to have your trees checked; you never know what may have happened during that event. Branches may have cracked or split, leaving them in precarious positions (or about to break!); the tree may be stressed and needs extra care to get back to a healthy state. We all know any irregular weather can cause changes, so it’s better to get them checked immediately after so you’re prepared for anything.

Start to Notice Issues

Noticing anything irregular on your trees? For example, if you start to notice mushrooms popping up around the roots, or sawdust appearing around the base of your tree, you’ll want to get it inspected right away. A Certified Arborist will be able to tell you if there is an insect infestation or a fungal disease that is affecting your tree, as well as how best to combat the problem. It’s better to get the tree looked at as soon as possible once you start noticing anything unusual so that treatment can begin immediately.

Reduce Tree Risk Problems

Your trees should be inspected annually. A lot can happen to the trees on your property within the course of a year; making sure they are well taken care of and healthy will help reduce the risk of damaging or losing your tree. “Better safe than sorry” is a very common phrase, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s better to know what’s going on with the trees on your property so that you’re prepared to keep your property both safe and beautiful. Give our Arborists a call today to set up a tree inspection appointment.