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Celebrating Excellence: Spotlight on ISA Board Certified Master Arborists Scott Carlson and Brandon Hogan

We are pleased to share the accomplishments of Scott Carlson and Brandon Hogan, who are both Board Certified Master Arborists (BCMA) through the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), a level that represents the highest achievement in arboriculture. Scott recently joined Brandon in holding this distinguished certification, with Brandon having been certified for about four years.

Their BCMA status places them in a small group of professionals, with around 30 in North Carolina and about 10 in South Carolina, highlighting their deep knowledge and expertise in the field. The BCMA certification covers 19 areas of knowledge, indicating the broad understanding they have in everything from the scientific aspects of arboriculture to business and client relations.

Earning the BCMA certification demonstrates not only their exceptional skills but also their commitment to maintaining the highest standards in arboricultural practices. The achievements of Scott and Brandon underscore their dedication to excellence and leadership in promoting the importance of qualified arboriculture in their communities.

Congratulations once more to Scott Carlson and Brandon Hogan for their achievements and for showcasing the commitment of Schneider Tree Care and its team members to delivering fanatical client service and contributing to the advancement of the green industry.

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