2 Signs Your Trees Aren’t Being Cared For

tree showing mulch surrounding the base

Giving your trees regular maintenance keeps them healthy and also gives your management company plenty of time to catch diseases and parasites before they start to injure the tree seriously. Proper tree care is even more critical if you have new or recovering trees. Here are some easily visible signs that your tree company is taking expert care of them.

How does the mulch look?

Mulch is an excellent tool for keeping your trees (and all of the other plants in your landscape) consistently hydrated. The chips and organic matter can hold onto rainwater and irrigation, so your tree has easy access to some water even during a dry period. Mulch also insulates the underground base so sudden freezes can’t hurt it.

But if the mulch is piled up against your tree trunks, that’s a sign of a rush job or inexperience. Mulch shouldn’t touch the trunk because it encourages decay and softens the bark. Make sure the mulch is poured five to ten centimeters deep, and it forms a ring around the tree instead of touching it.

Does the bark have new damage?

Some companies have a practice of scaling your trees with shoes that have climbing spikes. These spikes dig into the bark of your trees and expose the underlying layers of wood. New parasites and diseases can worm their way into these holes just like in exposed wood after branch removal. It also creates bumps and scarred bark when it heals. It’s much better for your trees if your management company uses stand-alone equipment and safer climbing methods.

Don’t let the wrong tree service company work on your property. Once you see signs that a company isn’t a good fit for the level of tree care you expect, find a replacement. Schneider Tree Care is a professional tree service with the experience and expertise to keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy and beautiful all year long.