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Dogwoods Beware!

Dogwood plantHave you noticed spots and blotches of varying shapes and sizes appearing on your Dogwoods? If so, your Dogwoods could be infected by Anthracnose.  Anthracnose is a disease that has decimated much of the native Dogwood populations in the forests of the United States.  Dogwood anthracnose affects all above ground parts of the host tree: leaves, flowers, current-year shoots, trunk sprouts, bark and cambium, fruits and seeds.

How do you know if your Dogwood is infected? Some of the main indicators that a Dogwood has Anthracnose are the spots and botches on the leaves and flowers.  These spots have a tan center and a purple or reddish margin.  On the underside of the leaf, tiny black or brown spots may appear beneath the blotches.  The flower ‘petals’ may also show reddish or brownish blotches.  In some cases, entire leaves are infected and die.  The dried leaves remain on the stem throughout the fall and winter.  Once the whole leaf is infected, the infection can spread through the petiole into the stem causing cankers, which can eventually cause the tree to die.

Take Action! Make sure your Dogwoods are happy and healthy by properly fertilizing and pruning them.  If you notice the leaves or flowers on your Dogwoods are spotty, please notify your Arborist immediately.  The sooner the infected tree is treated, the better chance the tree has to survive.

**It is important to keep in mind that Anthracnose will attack a wide variety of tree species.  If you notice any discoloration or blotchiness on your trees, please call your Arborist!

Dogwoods Beware!

How do you know if your Dogwood is infected?

Take Action!

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