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Fruit Inhibitors

gum ball fruit inhibitor
What exactly is a Fruit Inhibitor, and what does it do? We know that many trees produce fruits that may stink, fall, and cause damage to parts of the landscape, or simply do not look very appealing. If you’re experiencing any of these pains from fruit-bearing plants, a Fruit Inhibitor application might be right for you! Fruit Inhibitors are used to help stop the production of unwanted fruits in various trees. This type of application is an effective way to prevent, for example, Sweet Gum trees from producing the spikey (and often annoying) balls; most people don’t like those falling all over their property! Another example might be to stop a Persimmon tree from dropping fruit in a driveway or patio area.

When thinking about Fruit Inhibitor applications, we take into consideration:

  1. Timing. Different plants that bear certain fruits have specific windows of time in which applications are most effective. It’s important to make sure whenever we service your trees and shrubs, regardless of what type of application, the timing is correct, so you get the best results possible!
  2. Type of Fruit. Your Arborist will be able to discern the best course of action and what will yield the desired results when it comes to the kind of fruit a tree is bearing.
  3. Size. The size of a tree will determine how much fruit it will bear, which will also correspond to how much of a specific product we need.
  4. Temperature. Similar to timing, weather conditions and temperatures are important when considering application times.
Want to know more about Fruit Inhibitors or what’s going on with the trees and shrubs at your property? Call us today to set up a meeting with your Neighborhood Arborist, and we’ll be more than happy to help you in the care of your plants. Healthy plants can better withstand stressors from the Urban Environment in which we live; make sure your trees and shrubs are happy and healthy! We have tree service professionals in Greenville SC, Charlotte NC, Charleston SC, and Spartanburg SC  

Fruit Inhibitors

When thinking about fruit-Inhibitor applications, we take into consideration

Make sure to wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)


Type of Fruit



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