Is It Time to Have Your Trees Inspected?

tree limb that has broken off and needs a tree inspection

“Most trees fail due to a pre-existing condition.”

Certified Arborist Scott Carlson, who works from our Greenville Branch, was recently interviewed about the dangers civilians may be facing when it comes to inclement weather and tree failures. During the interview, he mentioned that most of the trees you see on a daily basis aren’t healthy and that one fact alone can cause a multitude of future problems.

In a forest, trees can live for several hundred years; however, trees in the urban environment naturally have more stress due to things like construction or not getting proper nutrients like they would in a more rural location. While a tree may look healthy on the outside, it might not be on the inside simply due to the stressors trees experience by being in an urban setting. The stress a tree experiences will open it up to insect or disease attacks, weakening it and keeping it from getting the supplements it needs to thrive. A tree in this weakened state is much more likely to fail, particularly when harsh weather pushes it to its limit.

What can you do to make sure that your trees are standing strong, regardless of the weather?

Keep them healthy.

One way we suggest doing this is with one of our Good, Better, or Best Programs, which are designed to give your tree the protection and nutrition that it needs to survive in the urban environment. Making an appointment with an Arborist is a good start to knowing what Program will be best for your trees.

Have your trees inspected on a regular basis.

A tree inspection can ensure that your trees are sturdy and aren’t at risk of failure. Like going to the doctor for your regular checkup, trees should be getting their own version of a checkup from their tree doctors, just to be safe.
Inspecting and treating your trees before the storm hits is vital.

Our tree service professionals are here to help make sure your trees are ready to withstand any type of weather that hits. Give us a call today to set up an appointment to have your trees inspected and assessed.