Planning for the New Year

It’s a brand-new year! Now is the perfect time to think about getting your trees and shrubs on a Program to keep them happy and healthy throughout the year. 

As we ring in the new year, we at Schneider Tree Care want to thank you for your business and support in the past year. We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and that the new year brings you joy, health, and prosperity. As we look ahead into the rest of 2023, we want to remind you of the importance of proper tree care. Regular maintenance, such as pruning and fertilization, can help ensure the health and longevity of your trees. It can also help prevent potential hazards, such as falling branches.

The three main factors we consider in our maintenance programs are protection of the property, tree and shrub healthcare, and aesthetics. We use our specialized equipment and expertise to achieve your property’s tree and shrub care goals. 
Schneider Tree Care’s customized preventive maintenance programs are designed to keep your trees and shrubs healthy, long before any severe weather, pesky insects, or harmful diseases strike. Our certified arborists walk your site with you to identify items that need immediate attention and those that can be covered in a scheduled, customized program to meet the needs of your property. 

We provide specific shrub and tree care programs for comprehensive protection of your property. 

  • Good Program: Includes nutrient applications three times per year for the health of your trees and shrubs 
  • Better Program: Provides insect and disease protection along with nutrient applications for overall health 
  • Best Program: Offers nutrient applications, insect and disease protection, and mitigation of fungal issues 

Trees and shrubs need care just like we do. Give the gift of good health and aesthetic appeal to the plants on your property. From protection to diagnosis to treatment, Schneider Tree Care has got you covered.
Contact us to make an appointment with our knowledgeable, certified arborists.