Are Your Trees and Shrubs Getting Their Vitamins?

tree professional applying vitamins to tree roots

Trees and shrubs are a lot like people. We all need nutrients to survive! Many of us take vitamins each day to promote good health; well, what about your trees? They need their own “vitamins” to ensure vitality and growth. Nutrient applications are one of many beneficial treatments we recommend for every tree and shrub on your property, and here are two reasons why:

Active Root Growth

Going back to the basics, roots are a vital part of a plant’s structure. They provide important benefits, two of them being anchorage and nutrition. Roots are responsible for firmly holding the plant in the soil, as well as absorbing water and nutrients. Since most of the trees around us today are not found in a forest environment, we know that they crave more nutrients than they would otherwise. Not to mention, roots in our region are always growing, even in the winter. That makes this season a good time to make sure that, as the tree begins to store food away and seal itself up, you are giving it the extra nutrition.

Good For Flowering

One of the most fun and beautiful things about spring is that the flowers begin to bloom; bright colors are everywhere, beneficial insects are starting to crawl out of hiding, and the weather begins to get warmer. If you provide your trees and shrubs with the nutrients they need during the winter months, they can actually use those same nutrients that they’ve stored to help push out new growth in the spring. That means feeding your tree with a Fall Nutrient Application will help them flower in the new season.

Of course, there are many other reasons to regularly fertilize the trees and shrubs on your property. We recommend getting the plants on a program where they are regularly nourished and cared for. Contact us to learn about the right program for keeping your trees and shrubs happy and healthy all year long.