Turning Training Wheels Into Big Rigs

Here at Schneider Tree Care, training our technicians is of utmost importance. From application techniques to new pests and diseases, we take the time during the dormant season to review this information and spend time honing our craft. We make sure to use proper application techniques by insuring thorough coverage of the plant, proper pest and disease identification, and appropriate timing of applications. All of these are important to a healthy and environmentally friendly landscape.
Not only do we spend time in the field, but we also spend time in the classroom learning from other arborists on how to properly use products and identify pests and diseases. We are dedicated to making sure that your trees and shrubs are well taken care of! Here are some pictures of how we’ve been training in the past few weeks.

Hans learning some tricks of the trade with Brian Gray, our Shrub and Tree Care Manager…

…And then Hans gets to practice some techniques by himself.

Day 1 of training in Greenville, SC!

Our President Brandon Brown (also widely known as our “Bug Guy”) teaches both arborists and technicians about insects and diseases on Day 2 of training.