What Should You Do with Your Hemlocks?

leaves from a hemlock tree

Canadian hemlocks are a popular evergreen tree. Whether you have standalone plants to accent your yard or a thick line of hemlocks bordering the property, they provide dense, colorful coverage. But adding new hemlocks to your yard requires a lot of planning. Let your tree management company know your plans so they can help you:

Find the right locations for your hemlocks.

Hemlocks don’t reach full maturity for decades, and some take more than two hundred or three hundred years. That means you can expect a lot of growth even if it takes place over a longer period of time. Hemlocks should be planted far away from your structures’ foundation lines, as well as any power lines or other large trees. Finding the right place can minimize a lot of property damage or landscaping repairs down the line when the trees grow more than expected. Arborists can find the spots with the best room, sun exposure, and drainage.

Prepare the soil and conditions for healthy growth.

Even hardy tree varieties can grow healthier and stronger in the right conditions. There are over three hundred types, ranging from dwarfs to tall, weeping types, and they need careful attention to get started. Plant them in the springtime shade, so they’re not exposed to temperature extremes, and make sure they have plenty of mulch to retain moisture.

The best way to get them acclimated to their new environment is to let your tree management company know your plans. They can help recommend the best soil treatments and watering schedules as the new trees take root.

Shape your trees to fit the property.

Even if the trees are far from your structures or any hazards, don’t let them grow wild. When they’re young, your tree management company can trim them to encourage proper growth. They can be trained to grow in the iconic cones or to veer away from nearby plants.

Let the tree service professionals at Schneider Tree Care help you to establish the best treatment plans for your hemlocks and other trees or visit our website to learn about our tree inventory management plans.