Are Your Shrubs & Trees On A Program?

tree service arborists treating shrub

What Is A Shrub & Tree Program?

Our Programs are customized plans built with your specific needs in mind. Each property is different, and each tree or shrub has individual necessities ranging from fertilization, preventative care to stay healthy, pruning, or insect and disease treatment. No matter what may be going on with your trees and shrubs, our Arborists are qualified to evaluate and recommend the appropriate services that fit each circumstance.

How Does It Work?

Trees in the urban environment are all stressed and need proper nutrition in order to survive in the midst of man-made stressors, like construction or pollution. Once you and your Arborist have developed a personalized plan for your trees and shrubs, we make sure to be present on your property regularly throughout the year, checking to make sure everything is looking good or if there’s anything that needs specific attention.

What Are The Benefits?

Trees and shrubs that are healthy are less likely to be attacked by insects or diseases. A tree or shrub can’t defend itself very well if it’s not healthy and strong; that’s why our goal is to help you keep the plants on your property protected from potential threats that may cause them harm. Along with growing healthy and strong, your plants will look vibrant and beautiful as they’re getting all the nutrients they need to thrive.

Did you know that 20% of your total property value is made up in landscaping? Not to mention, it’s cheaper long-term to take care of the plants on your property rather than having to replace them each time something happens to them. Save money and have your trees and shrubs looking vibrant; give our office a call today to learn more about our shrub and tree care programs and to set up a time to meet with your Arborist!