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Your Trees, Our Passion.

We understand that property managers need to take care of so many things. Among them are your trees and shrubs, which need special attention to keep your property safe and attractive. The tree and shrub care company you choose should help you work within your budget and maintain your property year-round.  

If you are a property manager, you have challenges. Our job is to remove those challenges. By caring for your trees and shrubs, we can help you mitigate dangers and make your property look good.” – Kurt Schneider, President and COO, Schneider Tree Care

Schneider Tree Care assists commercial property managers in planning and executing budgets year-round. At Schneider Tree Care, we can help you put a budget plan together with associated costs and take care of your property’s maintenance needs. We can be your go-to partner to see your jobs through, from start to finish.

We can also help property managers plan preventative maintenance programs for trees and shrubs for a few months or several years. Maintenance programs like pruning can be planned as required. Hazardous removals to prevent structural damage are scheduled on a priority basis. A property evaluation is performed to list high to low priority items that can be used to either build a future budget or utilize an existing budget. A preventive maintenance program can save money on storm clean-up or removal from tree failures. In addition, you can save money on tree or shrub replacement if the plants are kept healthy under our maintenance program. Trees are 100-year plants; we want to care for them well so they’re around for years and years to come! 

Working on both residential and commercial properties for 25+ years, Schneider Tree Care is committed to taking care of tree and shrub health and enhancing property value and safety. Contact us to make an appointment with our certified arborists. 

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