Can You Save Your Tree After Significant Storm Damage?

tree damaged by strorm

Strong storms can hurt even the healthiest of trees. Whether it’s a broken branch that had too much snow piled on it or several branches that have been wrenched to the side by strong winds, significant storm damage can make trees appear to be beyond repair. But don’t cut down a tree or damaged branches as your first course of action. Instead, call in a tree care professional who can:

Inspect the area for safety hazards.

If a severe storm damaged your tree, then it probably damaged power lines and other trees and structures in the area. Downed power lines and support can make an already unsafe task more dangerous. Call in a company who can look for dangers, clear the area, and see which trees pose structural risks to both your home and the clean-up tasks after a storm.

Minimize the damage to the tree.

Most tree damage can be fixed or mitigated. Professionals are trained to find all potential solutions that keep both the tree and its surroundings safe before considering tree removal. Even if it looks like you’ll have no choice but to remove a tree, you should check with an arborist first. Not only can they see if you have other options, but they can also find the best way to remove it. Tree care professionals can also cut off broken and ragged branches with a minimum of exposed wood.

Find the best ways to remove damaged branches.

If a large branch has to be removed, there are usually more steps than just cutting it off. The tree has to be counterbalanced so there isn’t too much weight on one side of the tree. Some trees will also need metal supports if too much mass is removed from one side.

If your trees have been significantly damaged by recent storms in Greenville, SC, Charleston, SC or Charlotte, NC call Schneider Tree Care Service to save as many trees as possible and to safely remove the damaged branches.