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Make Trees an Essential Element of Your Estate

Trees help improve an estate
Whether you have a generational property or you’re maintaining a historic home for tours and events, the whole property makes a statement. Don’t just focus your efforts on the house and surrounding structures themselves: everything from the trees along the driveway to the trees in the backyard can be part of the experience. Here’s how to bring them to the forefront with tree inventory management:

Have an arborist identify the species and approximate age.

Even with a property from the nineteenth or early twentieth century, the house might not be the oldest attraction. Gigantic evergreens and specialty maple trees might be dotting the property without your knowledge. Hire an arborist from a professional tree care company to inspect the estate’s trees and find any exotic, old, or interesting specimens. They can add extra glamour to historic footpaths on the property, and adding a few information signs nearby can give visitors an added insight into how unique the property is.

Make sure new constructions or heavily-traveled areas won’t cause trees stress.

Trees have a sprawling root system underground, even if you can’t see it. The older and larger the trees, the more expansive the root coverage is. Before you add new footpaths, build an extension, or make any other changes to your estate’s greenery, have an expert take a look. They can recommend the best areas for heavy foot traffic and let you know which trees are more likely to have fragile root systems.

Get advice on how to label trees.

Some arboretums and tree parks label the trees with a stake into the trunk. Others put a sign next to the trees out of concern for the plants’ long-term health. While some trees won’t mind the new adornment, not all can. Arborists can let you know which of your attention-getting trees are vulnerable to damage and infestations and which ones can stand a little wear and tear. Do the same thing for tree swings: get confirmation that additions won’t hurt the tree. If you’re ready to get improvements started on your estate, contact the tree service professionals at Schneider Tree Care to get an expert on site and to learn about our tree inventory management service.

Make Trees an Essential Element of Your Estat

Have an arborist identify the species and approximate age.

Make sure that new construction or heavily-traveled areas won’t cause trees stress.

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