Greenville Resumes Downtown Streetscape Project Today

The city of Greenville today continued its implementation of the Main Street Tree Management Plan.

Schneider Tree Care of Taylors is performing the work, which should take two to three months to complete.

This is the fifth year of program. The goal is to preserve the aesthetics of the Main Street tree canopy and landscape. As in the past, the project will involve the removal of some trees, which will be replaced with a more suitable species, utilizing the most current urban tree planting technology available.

Other components of the program involve improving the growing conditions for the large oak trees and to remove sidewalk trip hazards.

While closure of some sections of sidewalks will be necessary, access to downtown businesses will remain open and every effort to minimize the impact of construction on merchants and their customers will be made, the city said.

A Schneider Tree Care representative will be in communication with affected businesses to keep them informed about all aspects of the project.

Specific components of the project include:

  • Removal of declining maples in the 100 and 200 block of North Main and in front of 2 N. Main St. These maples will be replaced with ‘Allee’ Elm trees and the landscape with holly shrubs. Some temporary sidewalk and parking bay closure will be necessary.
  • Removal of one oak at the corner of West North and North Main due to declining health. This tree will be replaced with another oak tree.
  • Removal of one Zelcova tree in front of 217 N. Main due to declining health. This tree will be replaced with a suitable species.
  • Tree restoration activities will occur in the 100 and 200 block of North Main and in the vicinity of 14 S. Main St. Sidewalk and curbing may be removed and in some cases reconstructed to assist in the restoration process. Some temporary sidewalk and parking closure will be necessary.
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