Trick or Tree: Do You Have a Halloween Tree?

hand holding leaf with an orange overlay

Are you scared of the trees on your property? You may have good reason to be! Is there a trick to keeping them healthy and structurally sound?

Assessing Your Trees

There are two main things arborists typically look at when assessing a tree: health and structure. Health refers to a tree’s appearance, such as green leaves, extension growth, or a crown full of branches. Structure refers to a tree’s physical mechanics, such as branch attachments, cavities in the trunk or a solid root foundation.

Sometimes trees can appear dead due to browning leaves, or even no leaves at all; however, this same tree may actually be solid, continuing to stand for years! Did you know that trees in a forest environment can exist in a state of poor health or poor structure for many years?

But what about trees that live in the urban environment? Trees that live on your property need to be carefully evaluated. A tree with structural or health defects should be taken care of quickly to reduce the possibility of damage to a structure or cause injury to a person. Regular checkups by one of our certified arborists are highly recommended; they are trained to visually inspect trees and determine if something is wrong, as well as prescribing treatment plans to help keep your plants as healthy as possible.

Taking a Deeper Look

Sometimes more in-depth inspections should take place, like a Hazard Risk Assessment performed by a TRAQ certified arborist. This special type of consulting arborist can do a more extensive evaluation with specific tools in order to determine if the trunk is hollow without disturbing the tree. After this assessment, recommendations can be provided that include ways to reduce the risk in your trees.

While yearly evaluations are a good idea, assessments after storm events like Hurricane Irma are strongly encouraged. Even if your tree looks okay on the outside, a certified arborist is qualified to let you know if there is any kind of danger present. Broken, hanging limbs present an enormous threat to anyone standing under the tree, and a branch or trunk with a split can be an impending threat that should be corrected quickly.

Let Us Remove Your Fears

Having trees on your property shouldn’t be scary! Call us today to make sure the plants on your property remain healthy and strong.