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Hurricane Dorian: What Comes After?

shrub damage hurricane dorian
Hurricane Dorian is now behind us and the cleanup has begun. Now that you have had time to regroup and assess any damage, how did your trees fare? Poorly planted and weak trees may be uprooted. Even well-planted, established trees may have been ripped from the ground. Hopefully, no trees came to rest on your home but it is possible that major limbs were torn off and you were left with a lot of branches in your yard. Here are some questions to consider when dealing with any storm damage.
  1. Assess your property. Are there trees that need removal? If they need more than a handsaw, get a certified arborist to do the work. Can smaller limbs be removed? Are there simple fixes you can do? Will local arborists remove the debris? Will the remaining trees be healthy?
  2. Prioritize the damage. What tasks need to be done? What kind of timeline are you looking at? Are there things that need to be done immediately?
  3. Fix what you can. Are there small branches you can cut off? Can you smooth damaged bark? Are there bare roots that need covering?
  4. Check your homeowner’s policy. Is the damage covered in your home owner’s insurance?
  5. Rejuvenate! The storm caused damage, but in that damage, there may be opportunities. Did that downed tree create a sunny spot for a plant you’ve always wanted? Did the wind perfectly prune those hard to reach branches? Take some time and see what your new landscape could look like.
Schneider Tree Care is here to help you with your tree and shrub needs. If your trees and shrubs were impacted by the hurricane, let one of our certified arborists give you a free assessment of what can be done to save or remove your damaged trees. Our tree service professionals are ready to assist you in getting your property looking good again.

Hurricane Dorian: What Comes After?

Assess your property.

Prioritize the damage.

Fix what you can

Check your homeowner’s policy


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