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Keep Your Trees Hydrated In the Summer

Summer tree care and hydration
There are many factors that can add stress to a tree or shrub. Common ones that we talk about a lot are insects and tree diseases which can drain nutrients out of the plant, weakening the immune system and leaving it defenseless. However, did you realize that the weather forecast can have a big effect on trees and shrubs as well? We’re not just talking about extreme situations, like lightning strikes or freezing temperatures—just the opposite, actually! Summertime in the Southeast can be brutally hot and humid. From the moment you step outside (and out of air conditioning), you can feel the stuffiness in the air. If the warm weather makes us feel exhausted and dehydrated, imagine how the trees and shrubs are feeling! Trees will regularly uptake water through their roots, eventually losing that water through their pores; harsh warm weather will expedite this process, meaning the plant will lose more water than it’s able to absorb (particularly if we go through long periods without any rain). It’s important during these hot summer months that your trees and shrubs get a little extra attention. How can you help make sure they’re getting all the nutrients they need to combat harsh weather? Here are some suggestions:

1. Mulching

Providing a layer of mulch around the base of your trees will help them keep retain any nutrients and water received for a longer period of time. Ask about our landscape mulch delivery service.

2. Programs

Our Arborists can help you decide which one of our shrub and tree care programs will be most beneficial for your trees and shrubs in order to keep them healthy. These Programs are focused on providing nutrition back to the plant’s system so it can bounce back from any summer stress.

3. Water

Watering your trees and shrubs during hot weather is extremely important. Make a plan to water your plants regularly; if your tree has mulch around the base, you may not need to water as frequently. For more summer tree tips or to get started with a program that is right for your trees, contact our tree service professionals today.

Keep Your Trees Hydrated In the Summer




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