Proper Pruning times for Spring Flowering Shrubs

Determining the proper pruning times for your flowering shrubs can be challenging. Start by asking yourself two questions.

  1. Do your spring flowering shrubs need light pruning?
  2. Do your spring flowering shrubs need more extensive pruning in order to rejuvenate and renew the plant?

Armed with these answers you can decide the proper pruning times for your spring flowering shrubs.

  1. If only light pruning is needed you can prune immediately after they bloom. This way you can enjoy the flowers and your shrub will have adequate time to initiate new flower buds for next spring.
  2. If extensive pruning is in order, it should be done between late winter and early spring. This pruning will likely prevent spring flowering shrubs from producing flowers for a few year but the restoration of a healthy and vigorous plant is important.
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