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Help… There is a tree on my house.

Tree falling dangerously on houseSummer storms often cause trees to fail due to excess rain and strong winds.  June is often one of the busiest months for tree removal from personal property.

For many homeowners this is their first major claim and they may not know where to start, what the requirements are for a claim and what they are allowed to do.  Usually the first call is to their insurance company, unfortunately storms often aren’t conviently timed. So, what do you do if you have to leave a message and water is pouring into your house or there is a threat of further damage. I hope what follows is a help…

Insurance companies are interested in preventing further damage to insured structures and protecting the contents inside your home. If the tree is on any kind of structure then it is covered in your policy. Meaning you can immediately call a tree service and get equipment on site to start the removal of the tree and get a tarp placed on the roof. A roofer typically will not be able to help while a tree is on the roof, so we typically bring along several sizes of tarps to patch the hole(s).  This step can be taken even if you have been unsuccessful in reaching your insurance company. As long as all documentation and pictures have been taken then the insurance company will cover the expense. Meaning your not looking for estimates, you need a reputable company that will respond quickly.

Some people will want an adjuster to come out before anything is done.  In widespread storms this can take 3-10 days depending on availablity.  Even when an adjuster is present, they cannot safely assess all the repair needs until the tree is removed.  Typically you’ll be told to call back after the tree is removed so they can come out.

Why not just grab your saw and start cutting? Insurance will pay for any time and equipment that a company bills you for. Unfortunately, they don’t pay you for your time or if you get hurt trying to climb on the roof.  That is at your own risk!

Call your insurance company and let them know that you have called a tree service, that they are on the way and that you will call them back when the tree is off the house and they can send their adjuster out.  Did I mention we have a live person who answers our phones 24/7? Hopefully you won’t need it, but it is there if you do, we are here to help.

Help… There is a tree on my house.

What to do when a tree falls after a storm?

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