Ready to Celebrate Arbor Day?

What is Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is a special holiday once a year in which individuals, communities, or businesses celebrate and engage in public tree-planting. As part of the Green Industry, it’s a great day to refocus on the environment and making homes, business properties, and cities more beautiful. Arbor Day always takes place in the springtime; this year, the holiday falls on Friday, April 27th.

How Do You Properly Plant a Container Tree?

Scott Carlson, one of our Certified Arborists, works closely with the non-profit organization Trees Greenville, and they shared some tips and tricks on proper planting technique:

  1. tree being planted in shallow ground
    Photo courtesy of TREESgreenville
    tree being planted wide
    Photo courtesy of TREESgreenville

    Find the root flare (or region where the trunk meets the roots that spread out under the soil). Remove excess soil to expose the root flare.

  2. Dig a wide and shallow hole. Regarding width, create a level planting surface; the hole should be three times the width of the root ball. With depth, the root flare should be planted at or slightly above ground level.
  3. Prune off any circling roots by shaving 1 inch off the root ball. Correct and remove any roots circling around the trunk.
  4. Backfill with original soil to 2/3 full. In the top 1/3 section, mix in 10%-20% of soil amendment, topsoil, and organic material. Pour water around the root ball to settle the soil.
  5. adding mulch to a newly planted tree
    Photo courtesy of TREESgreenville

    Mulch wide, to the drip line if possible. Keep mulch away from the trunk. Mulch should be between two to four inches deep. Create a boundary to catch rainwater. Deconstruct the boundary after one year.

  6. Remove all tags and nursery stakes. Stake the tree if necessary. Use stakes and a flexible material like arbortie. Remove staking after one year.
  7. Water the tree at the time of planting. Water regularly for the first two years.

Remember to call 811 a few days ahead of time if there may be a chance that digging could hit any utility lines!

This Arbor Day, we hope you get outside and plant a tree with your family and friends, and should you need tree care help, we’d be happy to jump in with you.