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Root Collar Excavations

Root collar excavations

Stressed Out Trees

Have you ever thought about how trees are planted? Sometimes what can happen in the urban landscape is that trees get planted improperly; they may have been placed too deep in the planting site, perhaps they have too much mulch around the base and root flare, or they’re located in a particular spot that’s compacted because of construction or an area with high traffic volume. No matter what may be causing the stress, the result is the same: an unhealthy tree. If a tree is stressed, more often than not you’ll be able to tell just by looking at it; for example, the bark may be flaking off or damaged, and leaves may be turning yellow or dying altogether. If you see your tree’s health begin to dwindle, it’s best to have a certified professional come out to evaluate what might be the cause and best course of treatment.

Root Collar Excavation

One suggestion for alleviating stress in your trees is Root Collar Excavation. Roots are a significant part of a tree’s structure. Trees have both Sinker Roots and Feeder Roots; Sinker Roots are the deep roots holding the plant in place, while the Feeder Roots are smaller and responsible for taking up nutrients to help the plant grow and thrive. During this service, a technician will use an air spade to blow extremely high pressured air streams into the ground, loosening the soil. Moving soil with air instead of hand tools allows us to see the issues without causing unnecessary damage to the roots. This also allows the technician to check the root zone, making sure the tree is free of any girdling roots. Loosening up the soil will allow more space for the roots to grow, as well as more free movement of water and nutrients–very important for those Feeder Roots! Helping your tree get the nutrition it needs will help in relieving any stress that it may be experiencing in the urban environment.

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Root Collar Excavations

Stressed-out Trees

Root-collar Excavation

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